audio research ref 5 manual

I have just bought a gently used arc ref 5 pre-amp but the previous owner did not have a copy of the manual. The arc website does not have the manual online. Does anyone know where the manual can be obtained online or can an owner kindly email me a copy of the manual. Any help would be appreciated.
The manual is only about three pages and pretty much just say plug in, make appropriate connections, play. you aren't missing anything!
Call Audio Research with CC in hand. They will sell you a copy for a nominal fee. (read: cheap)
True they do not have an email order.. you have to actually call them on a phone.
I have ordered replacement manuals from them no problem.
If cheap is too much money.. then maybe someone will copy one for you.
Elizabeth is right about 10 dollars and they pay the postage.
Thanks for all the responses.