Audio Research REF 3 worth buying today?

I would like to know your opinion ... it is worth buying a REF 3 today?
He's about 15 years old, it will be necessary to do a recap in the near future?
Thanks in advance for your comments.
The Audio Research Ref 3 will always be a serious preamp; Very good analog never goes out of style. 
To make the REF 3 better , what I did , I retubed by 6H30P-DR and put also in a 6650 Tungsol blackplate . I also made the REF 3 to a REF 3SE by adding the extra . I also retubed my CD REF 3 with the same tube layout . 
OH , perhaps also interesting , I retubed also my ARC PH5 by NOS Telefunken E88CC and disconnected the rectifier section for an outboard Border patrol tube rectifier. For me if makes  no sense to upgrade to newer ARC products .
The Audio Research Ref 3 is without a doubt one of the best Preamps I have heard in my 40 years in audio.By it.