Audio research ref 3 preamp, ph5 phono stage.

Hi, i have the REF3 preamp, and ph5 phono stage. My question is i couldn't run low out-put MC cartridges on my VPI scoutsmaster JWM9 arm on this set up, the PH5 just doesnt have enough gain... Is there something i'm missing?? only cartridge that i could use is the Dynavector 20x HIGH...Any help out there...Thanks

I too have had this combination. Although the PH5 is listed as having the same amound of gain as the PH7, the PH5 does not work well with very low output cartriages. What I did to over come this problem was to install a step up transformer between the VPI (I am using a dynavector Diamond MkIII cartriage). This improves the sound dramatically. I am using the Ortophon Vergo as the step up device.
Hi Etbaby... thanks for your input...Audio Research actually sent me some resistors to increase the gain on the REF 3... i don't really like the idea to modify the REF 3...i think i will consider the step up transformer option...was considering the Dynavector p75...