Audio Research Ref 3 Preamp + Mcintosh Mc501's

Hi All,
Can you please let me know if anyone using the above combo? Do they work well together? Any issues?
Hello Primare , the most imported issue is the input impedance of the Mac 's .ARC REF 3 likes 100 to 200 kOhm ,
see the specs of the balanced power amps of ARC .The input imp of the Mac 's is 20 kOhm , you have to try , as it is possible you loose low frequencies . I 'm using BAT VK1000
monoblocks with my ARC REF 3 with excellent results.
Greetings from the Netherlands , Hans
I've known the potential mismatch issues. However, would like to know if anyone has really tried out this combo
I like the sound of AR Ref 3 but really have reliability issues with AR power amps

Is there anyone who has tried this combo? Can you give me your feedback please?
No concerns, they work well together I had them paired up with Eggleston Andra 2 speakers.

Connected via balanced IC's
The only way to be assured of match perfection is to get the components from the same manufacturer. I found that this gives a synergy that few if any combo might have.
Totally disagree with Stringreen comments above.
I've finally matched the Ref 3 with Mc501's. I feel they sound incredible and seem to work very well together. I can hear the the high, sweet mid range, the low and spacing between vocal notes
However, it seems the Mc501's kind of struggle a bit! The blue meters bounce more quickly comparing to when i mated them with the Parasound JC2.
As the Ref 3 sounds better a node better than the JC2. I can only see improvement but I'm unable to tell if the Ref 3 has performed/ mated for its best
Primare_cd31, there is no best, what speakers are you using?

When I had this combo aprox. 3 years ago I paired it up with Eggleston Andra 2's it sounded very nice, I then was able to demo a pair of Pass X600.5's which I prefered.

You made sure to connect to the correct ohm right? a freind has a pair and didn't but that being said you should try different ones as you may prefer the sonics. Power cables make a difference also.

When I owned the REF3 my preference was to have it placed upon 3 Sistrum small brass points, upgrade fuse to HiFi and a power cable, used a Stealth Dream.

Thanks Dev
I run with Kef 205/2.
Power all my gears with Furutech power cords, Cardas Golden Cross IC's, Nordost Red Dawn speaker cables and forgot to mention Primare Cd31 as player
Do you think it'll make a difference by changing the fuse on the Ref 3?


Which turn table, cartridge and phono will be best mates for the AR Ref 3 + Mc501's combo?
I'd like to get into turn table but have very little experience!

Did you upgrade to hifi-tuning fuse? Did you change the main fuse only? What fuse size did you use 20mm or 32mm? Which direction did you install the hifi-tuning fuse? I believe there is a directional arrow on the fuse which point Left to Right but i don't know how this will get apply on the AR Ref 3

Did you get big improvement with the fuse upgrade?