Audio Research Ref 3 : heat and top space needed?

Does the ARC REF 3 generate a lot of heat?
Would it fit in a total of 9-inches top-to-bottom
w/o overheating? Thanks.
I wouldn't recommend "9, the R3 need some space to breath.
OK, thanks for the info sir.
You mean top of unit to bottom of cabinet?Or total cabinet height?
I have my Ref 3 running in a 10" open architechture rack, and it runs cool, no heat issues at all. ARC recommends 3" of clearance, you could probably get by with the 2" of clearance, but not in an enclosed cabinet, open rack design only.

The bottom of the shelf is 9 inches from the top of the shelf,
so the amp would have about 2 inches clearance on top of it.
It's an open shelf (on all 4 sides), a tall Billy Bags rack.
Is there a lot of heat coming out of the top?
Thanks again.
There isnt alot of heat from top, its warm but not hot on my dad's Ref3.
That's too much money invested to even mess around or to cut corners. Make sure you've got at least 3 inches clearance on the top as recommended. It heats up pretty good.
The REF 3 generates a lot of heat of its top.
Space to the upper shelf depends on the temperature level you have regularly in the room, shelf material and kind of equipment ( tubes or SS ) you have on the upper shelf . 2" space to the upper shelf may not be good enough.
Thanks again for all the help.
you can buy a little fan to cool it off for about 30 dollars. Cheaper than a new rack...
Yes,2" is pretty close....a fan would be nice as stated by Philojet.Hopefully you have options,good luck,Bob
Thanks to all. Just to mention, the rack is free-standing,
open on all 4 sides, if that makes any difference.
Are those fans noisy? (My computer's is).
Putting a fan on the shelf is not a good idea since it will vibrate and will be noisy. I use a fan that is hooked on the (upper) shelf. This fan is originally made as aquarium cooler and has special clips for hooking a shelf. I have changed the 12V transformer to a multi voltage transformer, switched to 4.5V so the fan is very quiet.

good luck !