Audio Research Ref 150se vs Ref75se on Martin Logan Renaissance 15a.

I have purchased new pr ML 15a spkrs. I own a Audio Research Ref 75se which seems to have no issues driving the 15a's in terms of power output. The 75se isn,t clipping or even coming close to it the 15a's are 92db at a 4 ohm load. What I'm wondering is taken the Ref 150se's much larger power supply and larger power transformers will this prove to be a much better match for the ML electric static panel? Will I hear more highs,control and definition with the larger power supply?
Example at lower volumes will a larger power supply improve the dynamic range of the E.S.P?
the spkr is rated a 4 ohm load but dips below 1 ohm at 20k.
So since the 75se isn't coming close to full power output even at high volumes will the 150se be a better match?


The MLs have an impedance of  .52 ohms at 20khz.  Technically they need a powerful solid state amp that doubles output at 4 ohms and again at 2 ohms to drive them properly, but many people find that a lower powered ss or tube amp works for them.  I'd guess that the increase from 75 watts to 150 watts would be an improvement but I would audition before buying.

Here's a link to an earlier discussion about this subject:  

 I have the 75SE and auditioned the 150 before I bought the 75. I definitely preferred the sound of the 75, especially when I upgraded to the SE status, with KT 150's. So for price and sound quality, I'd go with the 75SE.

The 150 may well be better on the ML's, the only way is to borrow one from a dealer, if you can and see. If auditioning is difficult, I wouldn't
shell out the extra on the 150, if I was happy with the sound you are getting now

I currently have the Renaissances driven by ARC's GS150 which is very similar to the Reference 150SE minus the meters.  I LOVE the sound of the two together.  Before the Renaissances I had the ML Montis driven by the Ref. 75 and was never enamored with the sound. I did compare the two  amps (GS150 and Ref. 75SE) at my dealers and could hear a difference in the two amps. The Renaissance appeared to be more transparent, detailed and dynamic with the more powerful amp.    If you can afford the Ref. 150 SE or the GS150 go with the extra power you will hear a difference.