Audio Research Ref 150 Owners...Help Needed

Hi Everyone,

I'm Picking up my Audio Research Reference 150 this Tuesday. I'm picking it up from the Courier Depot in Brisbane as I'm going to be down there visiting friends. Before I leave I want to know how big the box is to see if it will fit in the boot of my car or if I have to take the bigger car. I would have asked the shop I bought it from but only just thought of it today and will be leaving tomorrow and they will be closed.

So if any REF150 owners could help me out that would be great.

The amp is double boxed with a foam liner in between. The outer box is rather large. I don't know what type of car you have but I doubt it would fit in your "boot", Back seat maybe. I would go with a larger vehicle if possible. An SUV would probably be the easiest. Not only is the box going to be large but it is heavy. The Ref 150 is a really great sounding amp. Good luck!
I have a VT 100. I think it's about the same size as the ref 150.
Outer box is 29x25x16. Weight approx 85 lbs
It barely fit in the trunk of my Acura TL. Really heavy though. Had to drag it into the house on a spare carpet fragment.

Make sure that you keep the shipping box!

You will need it when you ship your amp back to Audio Research for repair. This is not an "if" but a "when" scenario.