Audio Research REF-110 vs. HD-220

I have a REF-3 and an ARC CD-7 and I'm planning on upgrading my ARC Classic 60 for either the REF-110 or the HD-220. I have efficient, full range speakers (92db Legacy Sig IIIs). My question is: have any posters here had the opportunity to have both amps in their systems long enough to be able to say what the differences are? I listen mostly to jazz, female vocals, light classical, classical guitars and some large orchestral music. Tonal accuracy is very important to me, as is the emotional impact of the music. I'm much more the music lover than the audiophile. Thanks ...
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I can say with 100% certainty that the Ref 110 is a better sounding amp over the HD 220. Audio Research Ref products are much different then the none Ref products. It's not even close...
Read Robert Reina`s review of the ARC Ref 110 in Stereophile, vol 30 #8, 2007.
Tonal accuracy and inner layers of micro detail retreival and dynamic stability is what the 110`s are all about.
This review may cost you some cash, it has haunted me since I read it, I may retire my ARC Classic 120 Monoblocks and get the Ref 110. (power is about the same)
His review is so compelling you can`t get it out of your head if your thinking of upgrading your ARC power.
I suggest you also consider the VS-115. I am very happy with mine, paired with a REF 3 preamp. I also auditioned the 110 and the 220. I vastly prefer the 115 and 110 over the 220 and the 110 and 115 are very close to each other in sound though not in price.
Hi Lwerner. If you do replace your CL120's with the Ref 110 let me know your impressions. I have a pair of CL 120's as well although mine were upgraded by GNSC approx. 2 years ago. I was looking at a couple for sale here on the Gon but still a little over my budget.
All he best.
I have the REF 110 and love it. I was wondering if it is ok to put a towel or cover over the ARC gear to keep the dust out when they are not being used? Does anyone else out there do this?
Yes you can put a cover over them when the front power switch id turned off.
Thanks for the responses ... much appreciated.

I encourage you to conduct your own auditions. I am fortunate to have a dealer who has all available for audition, and I was impressed with the full range of Audio Research products including the Ref line, the HD 220, the VS-115. In my opinion, the ref products do not outshine the HD 220 and the VS-115 in a "night and day comparison". It just depends on how much you wish to spend for an incremental improvement in sound.

Having said this, I auditioned all, had the money to purchase all, and was pleased to purchase the VS-115. It provided the best sonics for my system, even at a cost savings. Money should not always be the reason to drive the train in a certain direction.

Best of luck