Audio Research Ref 110 - Ref 3 Cable Interconect

just bought an Audio Reserach Reference 110. I had a Reference 3. I would like to take this combination for me your opinion on interconnecting cables.
I have been using Audio Research cables with my VTM 200's and LS 25. The price is reasonable and performance is excellent. I did try several more expensive cables with good results but not better than what the ARC cables provided. There is a reason that ARC made cables for their products in the first place.

For real price performance value try Paul Speltz cables.
I have tried several cables with a CD7 (currently CD8)- REF3 - ref110, but my preference is still the discontinued Shunyata Orion and Andromeda. Recently I borrowed some Crystal Dreamline for a few days, but their cost was almost the same of the ARCs. But they were really good...
I use Audioquest balanced Skys from the ARC CD 7 to the ARC REF 3 and balanced Cheetahs from the ARC REF 3 to the ARC REF 110.
I use Kimber Select KS-1121 XLRs from CD7 to REF 3 and from REF 3 to REF 110. The 1121 are the hybrid copper/silver. Sweet yet detailed. Great combination.

Curious. What speaker systems are you all using? Tlg? Microstrip? Fcano? I have Wilson Sophia-2.
I have Vandersteen Quatros that are biwired with Audioquest Mont Blanc cables.
Terry Dorn once told me that they are mainly using Shunyata ("very neutral") but also AQ, Kimber, Cardas, etc.
Hi Rsorren1.
My speakers are B&W 802D.
Currently use in interconnecting a Transparent Super balanced, but the sound of the bass is out of control. Someone has tried the MIT Magnum M1 or MA?
I am using Kimber Select. All copper for a "warmer"sound, or you can move to hybrid (copper/silver) for more detail.
Either way the Kimber Select goes vey well with Audio Research. The Kimber Hero is "ok", but it's a limiting factor with components like the CD7 and Ref2 which I use.
I'm using ARC's balanced interconnects between my CD-7 and Ref-3 with excellent results. I recently replaced my old custom power cords, which were much better than the stock ARC cords, for Magnan ribbon power cords. The improvement in transparancy, expansion of sound stage and tonal balance is simply amazing. I would recommend Dave Magnan's ribbon power cords over all that I've heard. My next move will be to replace the ARC balanced interconnects for Magnan's 5i balanced ICs.
Nordost Valhallas connect my Ref3 to my Ref 110, and they work very well.