Audio Research Ref 1 or LS25 MK2 or BAT 50

Which one is the best out of 3? I never heard any of them, Please tell me which one should I get. thanks a lot
Thats like saying that I've never tried vanilla, chocolate or strawberry, but please tell me what I'll like best.

There is no one right answer, only what works for you.

Stay away from BAT equipment. I would go for a well priced ARC Ref any day. The three are not like the other guy said; it is more a question of different vanilla ice creams from different high-end ice cream makers.
I can't comment on the BAT, but for the ARC choices if you like the sound of tubes go with the Ref 1, if you are more of a middle of the (sound) road (between tubes and solid state) go for the LS 25. But like John says, only you (and your system) can answer what works best for you.
BAT 50.
An easy upgrade path to the top 51SE, when you are ready, not so with the ARC products. There is no 'best' of those 3. System synergy, as always is important.
i have had arc and currently own bat....both are very good pre's... couple of questions...

6922 or supertube ?
phono stage ?

if you want to go supertube then arc, if you want a built in phono then bat.. if you want supertube and phono then bat..

the drawback to the ref 1 and the bat 50 is the 8 -6922's.....
Pbb: Please explain why you make a blanket statement to stay away from BAT equipment and then give no reason as to why.

As I have posted many times here, I had an ARC LS5 II and III for a combined 7 years. This was an awesome product. And to all of the people I knew who had the LS5 and could easily afford the Ref1, we all much prefered the LS5 as it was simply more involving. The Ref1 was ridiculously overpriced in comparison to the LS5 and to the BAT models of that time.

A couple years after buying the LS5 II, I had the opportunity to hear it vs. the BAT VK50. The VK50 was wonderful, not quite as extended as the LS5 on the top but the BAT was a bit more full and rich in the lower octaves. It was a matter of taste and I liked both. It would come down to what worked in the context of the rest of one's system.

I also auditioned the LS25 II vs. my LS5 III and the LS25 was nice but the added cost did not entice me to change; it lacked the connection to the music vs. the LS5. When I heard the BAT 31SE at this time, it was a huge step above my long time favorite LS5. The BAT was far more tonally coherent, the forward (read fatigue) sound of the ARC gear was gone, and I had a lower-end extension the ARC models simply did not have. BAT puts some pretty impressive power supplies in the line stages compared to ARC models. Just take off the top cover of an ARC and compare it to the BAT and you will see what I mean.

I ended up buying the 31SE as it was that much of a step above the ARC models. The BAT 30SE was lacking too much coverage in the trebles but the 31SE upgrade resolved this. So be aware of these differences.

Two years later I followed this with the Aesthetix Callisto Signature which is in a whole different league. But the 31SE is a highly recommended product for you to audition if you can find one. And it is in the same price range (used market) as the the two ARC models you asked about.

You really need to try and hear some of these for yourself as they have significant differences. Good luck to you.