Audio Research Preamps vs. Conrad-Johnson preamps

I would like to hear from people who have been able to compare ARC preamps with conrad-johnson preamps.  I have never been able to do so myself, and while the ARC preamps seem to be quite good, I have heard them only in systems very different from my own.   I wonder about general characteristics such as warmth, detail, soundstage etc.  
Also, I have had a CJ PV12 for years and have liked it, and I have a couple of Bugle Boys in the line stage.  My interest in ARC is piqued by the numerous preamps available lately on AudiogoN, particularly the Reference 5SE.  
Helpful comments would be appreciated.  
I think if you provided information about your current system, it would make it easier to provide recommendations.
I'd be curious to hear how CJ's best, regardless of when it was released, fares against AR's best!  
You have to keep these apart chronologically, mainly because modern ARC sounds very different from it's' older counterparts.

The older ARC was cool, and analytical, and stood very much apart from the juiciness of the CJ line.

Modern ARC is warm without being tube like. It lacks (IMHO) the mid-treble liquidity of the best tube pres. 

I haven't heard a modern CJ in like forever, so I have no idea what they sound like today, but Conrad-Johnson, if you are listening, happy to take a loaner for review. :)


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My experience with cj and ARC is the cj had a natural warmth and smoothness of texture while still revealing music's subtle details.  In a head to head comparison I found the ARC to be cooler with the ever so slight hint of a hifi sound.  The fact that I was listening through imperfect electronics was a tad more revealed through the ARC gear.
Elizabeth's comment about the differences between vintage cj and new production is spot on.  Anyone who had exposure, for example, to the cj PV5 or 10 will likely remember the "honey-like" sound of those models.  I never heard that from any ARC gear vintage or otherwise.
Try to find a loaner Atma-Sphere MP-3. 

Change the stock tubes to Black Treasure and then compare to the above 2 you are looking at. You would be very surprised!