Soooo disappointing.
So you want to use in home theatre mode.  Get ready to pay up to operate.   The tubes stay on and when family uses system 10 plus hrs a day for tv and videos, the tubes burn away.  Most of the 8 tubes have life of 4000 hrs and cost $150 per tube to replace.  Over 5 years operating costs could approach $5000 or more.  And this excludes wasteful elec costs of $100 to $200 per year for bulbs running without being used.   Sooooo disappointing.

I called audio research and they confirmed all this.  Further, they lacked any sensitivity to theses issues.  Seemed kinda arrogant.  

Sooooo disappointing.

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ARC has done their job and produced an extremely high quality stereo component for "stereo use". Being  as nice as they are they also gave you an option  for the home theatre bypass option to use I would guess once in while for the odd movie or sporting event. The problem here is that you want to use it all the time like a receiver.. 
It wasn't built for that..
You gotta make a choice here --  suk it up and keep buying tubes or get another room for the system or like another poster here mentioned get a nice sound bar...

So if I'm reading this correctly the OP who doesnt listen to music purchased an ARC Ref6-SE to watch tv with or at least leave on all day long so his family can use it while watching tv?

The OP clearly has more money than brains...
What a waste of of high end component...
Well then a lesser model like the LS26, or 27 which only uses 2 tubes instead of 6 could be an option.
I know what your doing I've done it before with my LS26 for movie nights but I would never run the thing all day long for the wife and kids to watch TV with.. However if it is a must then YOU must change preamps plain and simple. There are some out that don't even need to be turned on which will just pass through a signal..
Do some research :)
We could do an exchange if you like.. The tubes on my LS26 are not costly to replace :) It sounds wonder full as well.