Audio Research pre & Krell amps?

Anyone out there using one of the ARC preamps with your Krell amps? If so, which ones and what did you think of the results? Thanks.
Hi Tom,
I have a Krell 700cx and my friend brought over an AR Ref. 3. There were no issues at all. You probably worry about DC leakage but in my case it worked perfectly. BTW, the preamp was also very very good.
ARC preamps work well with krell amps..I've used an LS25MK2, Ref 2 and Ref 3 with several Krell amps such as the FPB600, 400cx and 350mcx's. Bottom line is however, that you will not maximise either technology by mixing tubes and solid state. Properly set up, both technologies can deliver amazingly musical performances. What the ARC linestages did do was to create a larger than life soundstage with great dynamics and excellent tonality at the expense of absolute transparency and immediacy (sense of aliveness). A krell KCT with a Krell amp will be more controlled and extended while still dynamic with alot more sense of presence. You will pick this up more on jazz recordings and live recordings which allow the ear to latch on to acoustic information that tells you there is nothing between you and the performance.
I have used the LS-16MKII with my 700CX and hated it but I also hated the LS-16 in other systems.
I am mainly interested in the Ref.3. Not sure if it will be a little to thin in my system or not.
I have used several SS preamps and none have given me the pleasure of the better tubed pres. I have owned the Ayre K-1xe, Krell KRC-HR, and still have the Sim P-5. The Krell was not as nice as the other two. I slightly prefer the Singlepower I am using now over the VTL 7.5 in my system. If my amps had the cast inputs I would try the other Krell preamps.
Just wanted to know what others have decided when matching up the ARC/Krell combo. I hate to audition from a shop, when I know I will end up buying used. Thanks for any help.
I am using the FPB 650M monos. If they ever break, or I come into some cash I will upgrade to the (used) 750MCX amps.
CAST is thinner sounding so don't be anxious for an amp upgrade. As I said, I've owned this stuff and the ref 3 will sound big and inflated but incredibly powerfull. The lack of transparency and detail was a problem for me. The KCT is tonaly the same, slightly less woody sounding but warm, dynamic and very alive sounding...much better than the older krc-HR!