Audio Research Pre-amps: used prices?

If anybody has any experience, what would SP9 Mark II go for? SP14? Both preamps have a silver faceplate, new tubes, and are flawless. I'm considering selling one of them, any ideas what I could get for them? Thanks all, Jeff
I sold an SP-15 with mods (but these seldom if ever help the used price) for $1900 a couple of years ago, so your SP-14 should go for less and the SP-9 for still less. Not much help, I hope you get more from others.
If units are in Prime (capital "P") condition, I'd say $1500 for SP-14 and $1200 for SP-9 (both have phono preamp, yes?). I recently paid $825 for LS-9 line stage (in prime condition). It's quite a good unit (but no phono). Cheers!
Thanks guys, appreciate the feedback. Yes, they are both in perfect condition, just trying to make up my mind which one to keep and which to sell. I'm leaning towards keeping the SP14, although the differences are quite minor between the two. I took pictures of both with my digital camera today, I'll sell one of them shortly. Appreciate you taking the time, Jeff