Audio Research PH5?

Has anyone yet heard the new Audio Research PH5 phono stage? Any impressions or comparisons with the PH3SE?
Yes, I heard it on a Swedish HighEnd fair in September. They used the new Rega P7 together with Lyra Helikon over Audio Research tube amplifiers to the Sonus Faber Stradivarius. The presentation compared the same music via vinyl versus Audio Research CD3.

Many visitors has put up the PH5 listening session as one of the highlight of the Arken Fair in Guthenburg this autumn. I fully agree.

Robert P
Both of them made stunning performences. It's hard to say which was best in the quite big room and secondly what was due to what. Nevertheless, it was obvious that PH5 is a very find kit of RIAA. It also has some benefits in handling, i.e. you can switch to mono on mono vinyl (which is an advantage, specially on old real mono records as there grooves was not at the same standard as when the stereo came). Secondly that that you can change the loading from your seat, thus using it as a tonecontroll to match poor balanced vinyl.

I advice you to read the new HiFi News where Ken Kessler has made a review on it. Also the new HiFi+ has it in their new edition from last week.

Both of them rank it very high, though HiFi+ also says that there are a number of good RIAA out there for the moment, including good ones at lower prices. However, an Audio Research is never wrong.