Audio Research PH5

i wanna upgrade my phono section and was thinking of an ARC PH5. has anyone compared this unit to the best solid state phono stages like the Pass Xono or Ayre P5x wich seem also interesting for me.

theres a huge difference in price at least to the Pass so i´m in doubt if the PH5 can really compete with them. seeing the reviews and opinions on the PH3SE i can imagine that the PH5 might sound really "musical" but can it compete also in resolution, detail and dynamics?
I didn't compare the PH5 to the two preamps you asked about but, I did compare it to the Tom Evans Groove, the Rhea, and the ARC Ref phono. I purchased the PH5 instead of any of the above.
The Ph5 is very close to the ARC Ref Phono. Very quiet, very detailed, very dynamic. It is a tremendous value for the price. ARC was able to lower their costs by redesigning the cabinet (clamshell, not rigid box with independent lid). Give it a listen. Price in high end gear is not the only indicator of performance.
Thanks for your postings...Too bad i don´t know the ARC Ref Phono at all and never had the chance to listen to...some peope consider tube gear to sound slower than solid state and that definition of solid state gear might be better usually. i never had tube gear so far so i can´t really tell but i find the PH5 very interesting (also for it´s price). so is your impression that the PH5 sounds tonally "tube warm" and slower than solid state units or isn´t it the case with the PH5?
MY order of preference...RHEA, CARY PH-302 , CARY PH301 AND ARCPH5.
I replaced my ph3 se with a ph5 and the results:
ph5 has more: detail in mid's and up's, dynamic (load adjustabel), on the neutral side