Audio Research PH-7

How does this compare to the Aesthetix Rhea? Or the Thon or Shindo Phone stages??
I found the Rhea to be much better in my system. More colorful and faster.
I home auditioned a PH7 recently and then an Aesthetix Rhea and to me there was a clear advantage to the Rhea. It has (I bought it) more dynamic impact, air, top to bottom extension and is more quiet in my system. Also, the PH7 has a fixed gain of 57dB and even at 56 dB on the Rhea, the Aesthetix has a higher output with the same 0.5 mV catridge I use.

To me (and my wife) the choice was very clear and easy to make.
I have not heard the Rhea or Thon, but the phono stage in my Shindo Masseto totally buries my Audio Research PH7 and Nagra VPS.