Audio Research PH-3 "PHONO"

Hello everyone, I have heard there may be UNDERGROUND MODIFICATIONS available for the Audio Research PH-3? If so I would greatly appreciate any information you may have regarding so. I will try my hardest to return the favor in whatever way I could.
Try John Hillig at Musical Concepts, Ph # 646-447-0040
Thank you for you kind response. Have you dealt with Musical Concepts before regarding PH-3 modifications?. My best, Mark B. Hahn
Sorry for my slow response. I personally have not had John modify a PH-3, but because it is a very simple circuit it is very easy to modify. John is well up to the task. The best modification that I know is the new Sovtek 6922 pi tube which will be available soon be looking for it. My preference is the standard PH-3 versus the SE model. most upgrades to the PH-3 can obtained with simple part refinements. It is a wonderful unit. My best to you as well.
Hello, Try Steve Huntley at Great Northern Sound. He has done some mods on my ARC equipment that is great. You can go to the bank with his suggestions.