audio research or wife

grandson here for summer . wife elects to buy fixer upper
meantime i purchased a VT100 mk 2 and spent a thousand retubing and biasing
she discovers ants in front of fixer upper
i light this up with ls22 and cardas and proacs , and .............
the VT100 excellent
the ants are gone
nice fixer upper she picked
Sounds like you had solid state aficionado ants.
Man, if the ants can't stand your music (system) and have to vacate.......How do your dogs or cats react? I've always thought that with tubes you wouldn't even be able to get your friends to leave, let alone ants. :-)
You know, tubes have a certain :glow". Perhaps the ants were thinkin' you were building the "new" Las Vegas strip. They probably ran off looking for a Gamblers Anonymous meeting.
What is the fixer upper exactly? A house or something else? As far as the ants go, ARC usually drives me screaming from the room as well! ;-) Just kidding, I've actually never listened to any ARC gear, but congrats on the extermination!
dbtrucks your cadence inspired this memory:

round the curve
lickety split
nice new car
wasn't it?

burma shave
Between the two, I definitely choose wife research.
Any translators available from american to english ,please?
honestly thanks
I forgot i made this silly intro
you men