Audio research m300

Has anyone ever heard a pair of Audio Research M300's ? I'm looking for more power for my Thiel cs5i's. I'm currently using a Krell ksa 250 With a WADIA 301 as my preamp/ CD player. It sounds  wonderfully balanced, II'm just looking for a little more volume. 
I would love to hear anyone who's owned a pair of these. 
Thanks, Mark. 
I used to own a pair of M300s.  While they were excellent amplifiers (pretty neutral, though with the 6550 tubes they were a little dry/lean in terms of tonal balance), I don't think they will drive your Thiels any better than the Krell, and might actually have less power into them, given the Krell's ability to double its power into low impedance loads (the ARC is 300 watts into 4 and 8 ohms).  I think for more volume you should consider an active preamplifier, my bet is that's where you'd get more volume.  See if you can borrow one to find out if that's the case.
They have speaker terminals on the back for 8,4,2,&1 ohm loads. Thank you for the reply. 
Yes, I know, but with the ARC the power is the same from all taps, unlike the Krell, which doubles its rated output as impedance halves.
I love the sound that my ksa pumps out. I feel like I need more of it, but am reluctant to try for a newer fpb ,300, 400, or 600 as they don't get as good of reviews as my ksa. 

fellow Thiel owner here (CS 2.4SE). I would love to try a Krell power amp, as my speakers, crave high-current. Keep this in mind.

What other gear, including cables, is in your rig?
I still say try an active preamp if you need more volume.  Your Krell puts out plenty of juice that should be able to drive your speaker to high volume levels, but your use of the Wadia volume control does limit the gain you can put into the Krell.  This may be one of those situations where adding another component in the chain might offset the more direct route of going from the CD player to the amp. 
My WADIA does have gain level settings. I did have a audio research ls 15 that I sold recently. I called thiel to pick their brains on the power amp that they used to power the thiel' back in the day. They told me that they used a Krell fpb 600 . I'm reluctant to purchase one of those beasts with out ever hearing one. My ksa has a nice tube sound with the good solid bass. 
The LS15 has a skeletal sound and no bottom end either.  You need to hear a better sounding preamp.  The VAC line of preamps will make you say wow!
i will give them a look. Thanks, Mark. 
anyone know hot to get parts for M300?i ve tried the manufacturer in Minneapolis, they do not answer.