Audio research LS5 Nos Tube Suggestions

Looking for suggestions of Nos Tubes
to try with an Audio Research LS5.
And what sort of characteristic the
different tues have.
Does anyone have a copy of the manual
they could send me ?
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I used to own a LS5MkIII which I still regret selling.My favorite tubes in it by far were Amperex 7308 USN white label and 6922 gold pin White Label PQ. I tried alot of different tubes but to my ears, these were the best.

Good Luck to you, Mike.
I own a LS5Mk2 and currently have installed Amperex 6922 gold pin White Label PQ which improve over the the standard Sovteks in terms of airiness and the bass is more controlled on my Proac 3.8s. Ive also tried Bugle Boys and like their sound too. I got my PQs off ebay and although they tested great on a military tester they are much noiser than the Sovteks. Placing a Sovtek in V1 & 2 positions has lowered the noise floor greatly. Its easy to get carried away with tube rolling but my personal view is that for the money the standard Sovteks aint half bad.
are the Amperex Orange Globe 6DJ8s rugged enough to run in the LS5?