Audio Research LS3B or Classé Model Five

Hi everybody…

Once a year I use to modify one of my setups. This time I was thinking of replacing my preamp Classé Model Five by an Audio Research LSB3. I would loose a remote control feature in the trade but in this case I don’t care too much…
How do you compare these two preamps? Which one is best? (if so…). I tried to look over Internet but I just could figure that they were produced at the same period and cost quite the same.
By the way the amplifier connected to any of them will be an Audio Alchemy Om150.

Thanks for any opinions.
Keep the Class'e. Years ago I had the model four and my friend had Audio Research SP9. After comparing both he sold the Audio Research and bought a Class'e. I can't comment on the LS3B but it probably has the same house sound as the others in that line.
Yep, I've been reading a bit and I would agree with you. One thing that shocked me is the Classe Model Five is two times the LS3B weight. I know this doesn't mean anything but on the other hand, it does... Plus the Classé has a toroid transformer lighter that the classic transformer of the LS3B.

The SP9 wasn't a really good AR, the LS3B is a classic but anyway I believe Classé 5 on this case is better and it has a remote.

Anyway I'll keep gathering information...

Any inputs will be appreciated.

Nobody else?