Audio Research LS26 vs Red Wine Isabella

I need to solve this issue with chosing preamp/amp for my Tannoy Canterbury 96db.Can you guys advice which preamp is better in the long run a sounding better?I like to use solid state amp with one of those preamps.I don't have amp choosen as well.With Red wine I would use RW 70.2 monoblocks with 30w to 8ohms and with LS26 I have no idea yet.Any suggestions to solve this puzzle?
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I can't help you with the comparison but I'm running an LS26 with an ARC SD135 and am very happy with the results. The LS26 is an outstanding preamp. It not only sounds fabulous but it also is completely user friendly. The SD135 is, I believe, the finest solid state amp ARC has made. We just finished an ARC amp shootout over Labor Day weekend and the consensus was that the SD135 bettered the 150.2, 100.2 and the VS110. I am trying to find time to finish a write up on the shootout but it isn't done yet--I'll post it as soon as I get around to it--hopefully next week.