Audio research LS26 pre amp

..I have the upgrade bug,has anyone had a chance to audtion this new pre amp
My dad has the ARC LS16, checked out the LS26 then bought the Ref 3 wich will be installed in a week, the 26 is no slouch but he splurged for the ref 3.
I have one and I think it's incredable!!!
I have had mine for probably 6 months now - I am very happy with it.
Hi Missioncoonery

What pre are you using at the moment?

I bought the LS26 about a month ago. It replaced my Krell KRC-HR. I still cant believe how much better the ARC is. It beats the Krell in every possible aspect. I am now considering a change to a tube power amp.

I would thoroughly recommend this preamp
Mickey sg,,Im currently using a Jadis JPL which I bought new in the 1990s..thanks,Doug
I've had the ARC LS26 for almost a year. I love it! Prior to the LS26, I had an Aesthetix Calypso and, before that, I had a Sonic Frontiers Line3, and, before that, a Jeff Rowland Synergy3. The LS26 is superior to all of those and some preamps costing twice as much. It is a very dynamic preamp with a fantastic soundstage. I auditoned the ARC Ref 3 at the same time, but, alas, I could not afford it. My next preamp, if I can afford it, will be the Ref 3; it's everything the LS26 is and then some.
I own one and it has changed the way I listen to music. It is a terrific piece!
I have just purchased a LS26 for my Proac 2.5's. The VS115 is next.