Audio Research LS2 vs Audio Research SP16L

Hallo there from Italy! A "simple" question for an important answer. At the moment I own a pair of Vienna Acoustics Grand Mozart Grand, an Audio Research Classic 30 amplifier and an Audio Research LS2 pre. While I'm not even thinking of selling the Vienna and the Classic 30, I may have the opportunity to buy an AR SP16L preamplifier. Without wasting any euro, is the swap with LS2 worth? I listen almost only to classical music and, in the past, I used to enjoy my Italian Mastersound 20+20 class A integrated sound. Thanks for your valuable help. Cheers. Maurizio. Italy
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I was an ARC dealer for many years. The ARC LS2 as good as it is, is no match for the newer SP16L. IMHO, it would a very good upgrade.
The SP16L can present problems with the volume steps on sensitive speakers. The volume steps are not fine enough.
Mine works fine with my Vandersteen 2CE signatures which are 86db efficient.

It might be a problem with your speakers which are 90db efficient.

Try it first to see if it is a problem. The newer SP17 has finer volume steps. Some Guys put in a resistor to solve the problem. Otherwise it is a fine sounding Pre and hard to beat for the price.
The Volume steps is its only vice.
Hallo friends. I have got now my SP16L, and the difference with LS2 is incredible! Thanks a lot for your very helpful and convincig advices. Cheers. Maurizio
Maurizio...congrats on your new preamp! Enjoy the music!!
Congrats, a fine choice would not part with mine unless I won a lottery.
Congrats. Many many years ago I went from a LS2B to a SP16. The improvement was amazing and got me started on the audio treadmill. Time to stop :)