Audio Research LS17 mod

In process of purchasing a ARC LS17. ARC now makes an LS17SE version which incorporate some new Teflon Caps, some other minor mods I guess to the circuit, and a new Face Plate with round buttons. I can not see the value in buying a new milled out face plate.

I don't see any talk here on mods to the LS17. Does anyone know what the new teflon caps are that ARC is installing. Or any suggestion on improving it's performance.
I can't answer to the Caps used, but one other improvement that comes with the SE is an improved power supply. It was taylored after thye same power supply used in the LS-27 which to my understanding prompted the Ref 5-SE as it brought the LS 27 very close in performance to the Ref 5 Non SE. Again that based on what I have been told and not read anywhere.
Theo and Charlie ..., my understanding is that the SE upgrade is not just superficial, although I've heard that the round buttons increase horsepower by 15 percent. LOL :)

Ok ... jokes aside, the SE upgrade incorporates some of the technology changes in the Ref Anniversary 40. As Theo mentioned, increased power supply, Teflon coupling caps, and other sundry circuit changes.

I don't recall reading how the LS 17 SE compares to the Ref 5 (non-SE) version. For some reason, I seem to recall that the LS 27 nipped at the heels of the Ref 5. That in part may be why the Ref 5 was also "modded" to an SE version. I owned the Ref 3 and Ref 5(which was upgraded to the SE version last February).

While I thought there was some refinements between the Ref 3 and Ref 5, I questioned whether my investment was worth the money. IMO, I think the SE version is a marked improvement over the Refs 3 and 5.

In short, I surmise the LS 17 SE version is worth getting, round buttons aside.
Charlie -

the upgrade is worth the $$$. Teflon caps are wonderful, really takes your listening pleasure to the next level.