Audio Research LS15 Volume level

Can anybody out there among you "experts" on AR give me a helping hand. I have at last got myself an AR preamp. Very satisfied with it, just one problem. When I lower the volume nob to lowest possible there are still pretty much level on the speakers. I looked inside if there was any gain setting to try, but could not find any. Have asked the Swedish reailer this question but want some more "meet on the legs" as we say here in Sweden before I can take serious discussion about it. I have it with Electrocompaniet EMC 1 and 2 parasound HCA 2200II. Today i have my old small standspeaker from AE 100i though I just sold my good old JBL 250TI. Lookin for new floorstanders but just a little bit smaler :) (just for family reasons).
Thanks from Sweden
Too much gain is a common problem.
and even worse with most CD type sources.
Try a very low output moving coil with a standard phono.
HEN you will have the right gain in the system.
One way to fix is to have a small high quality resistor at the input from source.