audio research LS15 preamplifier

what is the difference between balanced input and direct input in the LS15 preamp? can somebody provide some information on these?
my cd player has only RCA output, can I used a RCA/XLR adapter and connect it to balanced or direct input on the LS15?

The direct by passes every thing except the gain. I would just use the RCA CD input if I were you. Any advantage you might get with the direct will probably be lost with the adapter. I have an ARC preamp and I have compared the direct to the CD RCA, my direct is also RCA. I didn't hear a difference. If you had a balanced out on your CD player then I would say use the direct. I use the direct just because I like the idea of less in the signal path. Tom
duckkiller, thanks for the information you've given.
I am using the naim cd5x cd player. any idea on how to covert from RCA to balanced input?

You can use an adapter but I would not. I would just use the regular RCA CD input of the preamp. If one day you get a different CD player that has ballanced outputs then I would try the direct. My DAC does not have ballanced outputs either. My whole system is ballanced except for my front end. Really I did not hear any difference between the direct and the regular CD input on my ARC preamp. You have a different model preamp but I doubt there is very much of a difference. I think you would do more harm to the signal by using an adapter then you would gain with the direct input.
Does anyone else have experience comparing the "Direct" input, using balanced outs from their CD player or DAC vs. using the "regular" CD input using RCA cables without any adapters, that is. Any significant audible gains in going balanced in "Direct"?
There's no point in using the balanced input because either way it's going to be a single ended signal. Just use the rca input jacks, that's what I did.
Warnerwh, have you compared the Direct and BAL inputs in LS-15 soundwise? Just curious if you heard any difference. thanks.
I'd not tried that Audphile1 as I suspect the difference if any would be not worth bothering with.
I think Direct is a little flat sounding compared to Bal. But the difference is very small, you're right.
I have the LS-15 and use the Direct input for my DAC and the Balanced input for my phono stage. I can't say that I hear a big difference. Obviously you receive some advantges in gain when using balanced. Theoretically balanced makes a difference in very long cable runs. My entire system is balanced now because I was determined to benefit from the balanced optioned offered by the LS-15. Like the others I would not use the adapter.
anyone else ?
I recently got a hold of my former LS15 and i'm wondering about the direct vs bal with TRUE balanced inputs. I will post my findings later...