Audio Research LS15

I´m looking for advice about an Audio Research LS15 how it sound and possible match to my speakers JBL ti 250 (first model) I like a big soundstage and a lot of dynamics and no edgy top. i know my ti can be some hard in the top. Is this a good preamplifier for my taste. This in black and I really like the way it looks. The price is aout 2100$ shipped to my door, is the price right or should I go for a newer model. There is new tubes and cooler mounted and the original is also with. I´m not really sure about what amplifier I will come out with, maybe I´ll try parasound HCA 2200II to begin with.
Best regards quasimodo on my first post here :)
The price is definitely not right, too high!
These normally go for between $1300- $1500
Tube rolling can really help this preamp, it benefits from nos tubes which will improve dynamics(6h23 russian rocket logo)
Soundstage is decent, I'm not sure how big you mean?
Thank´s for your answer, I thought it was in the upper end. I listen to most music and want to play acoustics as well as hard rock. I want a big and wide scene with a big deep, pounch in the bottom and a smooth upper end with air. I also want to separate the instrumets as well. I´m really "scared" of the s-sound in the top. Is it worth lookin for a LS17 or a LS5 mkIII instead. The LS15 has new Electro Harmonix Gold Pin 6922 Valves with New Valve Coolers.
Thank´s again
I owned an LS15 for over 5 years and agree with Eee3 that the price should be around $1300 to $1500. It produces an excellent soundstage but really needs to have premium NOS tubes to sound its best. I splurged for some NOS Amperex 7308 white label tubes from the early 1960s and they really made the LS15 sing - like a major component upgrade all by themselves.
The LS-17 will definitely be better but the price will be much more as well. How much are you willing to spend?
The LS-5 mkIII will also be much better, definitely a killer preamp but remember, the LS-5 is an all balanced preamp, so if the rest of your system does not have balanced capabilities it will not work.
There were two versions of the LS15, and the second sounds much better. I owned both in the same system. The second had different caps, improved power supply and detachable power cord. The original could be partly upgraded by ARC. Agree that price should be $1200-$1500.
Thank you all for the inputs. I may get my hands on a LS 17 for about 2800$, is it worth the money? I also start look for Mark Levinson and a 38S might work for just a litle more money as the LS15. I really like my old JBL and like the way sey sing except the top sometimes gets nasty.
Best regards quasimodo a newbe
For that amount of money ($2800), I'd look into getting an Audio Valve Eclipse. I upgraded from an LS15 to an Eclipse and the improvement was huge. There is currently one available with an asking price of $2900 and another up for auction (ending tomorrow evening) with a minimum bid of $2195. I have no relation to either seller - just a happy Eclipse owner. Do some research, read the reviews. At your $2800 budget, its definitely worth looking into.
I owned a LS16Mk1 and sold it last year at $1500 shipped. Not the most dynamic preamp around but clean and reasonably detailed. It was matched with a Plinius SA-100Mk3.