Audio Research LS12 Opinions/Reviews

Hi,...has anyone had the chance to own or listen to the newest Audio Research solid state pre-amp..the LS12? If so..what are you thoughts on this pre-amp?
Well, I auditioned that thing last month, would say bit define to LS-3B but rather better in timming/separate, well fogus than LS-3B, but the good old 3B is so smooth! That's all I can think of as of now(need more time to audition), should buy one new? don't know! price of LS-3B used is so cheap so......I'll go with classic(if you're not using one now). Just my op/good luck, Rute.
I heard it when I auditioned the pass aleph/volksamp 30 amps. We had a wadia 830 driving it. First we played it with the preamp then with the wadia driving direct. The preamp added quite a bit of cloudiness to the recording. The salesman remarked that most people just buy the all-tube gain stage audio research ls-16. I don't notice nearly this much degredation when I move my adcome 750 (in passive or active mode) in and out of my home system. My sony xa7 cd player can drive an amp directly.
ARCpreamps work best with there amps I have a ls12 and an ARC VT100MK3 IT IS A GREAT MATCH JK