Audio Research LS1 Schematic & Parts List Anyone?

Am in the middle of a project with my AR LS1 preamp and am unable to find any online schematic and parts list for this unit. Would someone out there who owns an LS-1 or has the manual be willing to provide a copy? With Leonard gone from AR now, you just can't get anything from the factory anymore. I've already tried that route.
I owned an ARC LS1 for a number of years in the early 1990s. At one point I had a problem with it not coming out of mute. I tried having it repaired localy but eventually ended up sending it back to ARC. At that time ARC removed the values from the parts they used.

I think I still have my LS1 owners manual around somewhere. It may have the schematic but I doubt it has a parts list. I do remember that it was of no help when I was trying to have my LS1 fixed.