Audio Research LS-7 or conrad-johnson PF-2L?

I'm not trying to instigate a solid state vs. tube debate. I'm just trying to get a handle on each one's characteristics. Has anyone actually compared these two now discontinued line stages? As always, thanks in advance.
I have not compared the two but The LS7 is a very nice pre for the money. Its very detailed , great sound stage and very smooth with good frequency extremes . Its very quiet and musical sounding. I paired it with a CD2 and VT 60. Its a steal at current used prices.
I would agree, the LS7 is a wonderful pre, especially for the money, however, I have not compared them. I currently have a LS7, which was my first tube pre and I love it. It has 4 tubes, so it isn't to expensive to roll tubes, but I can say that you will want to play with different tubes to really make it sing. I am currently using Bugle Boys and I think they sound the best for my setup. It is quiet and the soundstage is excellent, but that came after rolling a couple different tubes.
This ls 7 audio research is very good sounding preamp
One of my favorite.I prefer this one than the audible
illusions.And a dealer demoed me a cj $1800 to $2200
I forgot the model its tube,the ls 7 is hybrid, i like
this better than ls 8. I agree this is a very musical