Audio research LS-3B conversion to 220V


I would like to convert my LS-3B from 120v to 220v (used in Thailand). Has anyone know how to convert it or use step up transformer? Can I rewiring or resoldering on the PCB?

Tech procedures or?
I need to have wiring diagram or schematic of this pre amp. I will do it by my self.

OK, I'll give you my personal DIY tech tips:
1. Inspect the power transformer for the secured loose wires. You can assume that these wires if swapped with existing connected will reconnect to 220V operation. If there are no visible secured wires than probably conversion is only possible by swapping the power transformer. Very less-likely the voltage transformation happens on the DC side of the preamp circuit.
2. The measured voltage across these above mentioned wires usually near 2x lower when 110V is at the input. for this you need to measure the voltage across the existing wires and compare them vs. the disconnected loose wires (once again the voltage should be approximately 2x lower).
3. For this you'll need to carefully disconnect existing wires(make sure to remember the connection places!) and start measuring an output voltages between the terminals (chassis to wire) and filling out the 'data sheet' containing all possible information about the wire you're testing: color, voltage, location.
4. Match the measured voltages and 'map' the conversion diagram.

I had PH3 phonostage and rewired it for 220V before I shipped it to Europe and charged buyer extra $120 for barely 20 min of effort. I believe that LS-3b might have the same strategy of rewireing.

Some unit might have jumpers and serial connectors that just need to be 'slided' onto the different set of terminals...

Let me know what do you see arround power supply
Forgot to mention: there are 2 options of rewireing where the easiest one AND probably the most popular is to have secured extra set of wires on the input coil of the transformer.
This way you most-likely will have matching colors to connect to IEC socket, but to be secure measure the voltages before and after swapping the terminals to make sure the connection is correct. There are also conventions for color coding of 110V, 220V AC for audio applications you can look here:
Still to be secure measure before reconnecting back to the PCB.
Hi Marakanetz,

Thank you for your information. I will do it following your suggestion.