Audio Research LS 3 question

A time ago I had an Aragon 2004/18K combo, I was able to get use of an LS-3, it was an excellent peice but, I when I turned on the LS-3 (muted) and then switched on the 2004 it would "pop" the speakers no matter which way I tried it! Cosequently I had to pass on buying it. Has anyone any ideas what may have caused this? The house has since been rewired (new box) and I have installed Oyaide outlets and have them properly grounded. I had never had any problem what so ever with the Aragon combo when I had them. I now use a Classe CAP 151, no problems here either, I have an overwhelming want to buy an LS-3 and an amp but don't want to have trouble. Was there a mismatch in gain with that version of the LS-3 and the 2004, could it have been a defective mute relay or might it been something else? Help would be appericated-Thanks
Rsjm80, see my post about POP noise, please. tks.
Andrew, read your post did you ever find out what was wrong with the pre amp? What you posted sounded alot like my instance too becuse it only happen to me at home.
This is the deal. Why there sre so many people complaint abt the ARC pre with that " MUTE" on POP. This is not an isolated incident. Must be the way they engineered their products that may or may not compatible with certain SS amp. I have searched Audio Asylum and there was or were similiar thread(s) abt ARC vacum tube pre and SS amp having the same issue(s). No,since I did not want to ship my brand new unit across the nation at the risk of shipping damage by UPS ( sorry, brown brothers), I have spent uncessary money in ICs, surge protection, Speaker name it and that darned POP won't go away. This coming Friday, I will take my change to ship it to ARC and hopefully they will carefully check it out and have it fixed. Will keep you posted how ARC handles this POP issue.
Rsjm80, there is a LS9 SS on sale on Audiogon today. Interesting enough, the seller is honest enough to disclosure the POP with MUTE function. My SP16L brand new bought will be at ARC next Wednesday. I probably will list it for sell after the check-up.
It's an on going thing with ARC preamps. I have a LS-25MK II and the mute when switched on "pops". I am using a Levinson 335. It did not "pop when using ARC's amp which was a 100.2 at at he time.Here is what is printed in the LS25 manual.

"Some solid state amplifiers have a DC offset present at their input connections.(This of course should not be.)Operation of the manual mute switch with such an amplifier connected will result in a click or a pop in your loudspeaker (commensurate in level with the amount of the offset) each time the switch is activated. Repair or replacement of such amplifiers is suggested".
I have received the Sp16l back from ARC with no problem found. I discussed in length with Chris, ARC servive mgr who told me the same things as what their manual stated in Statman post above. Is it true that tube pre-amp by nature will have some kind of DC leakage and if the power amp designs without DC decoupling capacitors will not be compatable with ARC pre-amp. As customers who spend our hard earn money, don't we deserve to know these "blame game" from the hi-end industry. They leave the consumers in the dark with trial and error bumpy road and that is BS.