Audio Research LS 26 vs LS 28

Hello, I am currently enjoying my ARC LS 26 and would like to hear from people who have had one and moved up to or experienced the new LS 28 .  I know it's a newer design and looks great IMO.  But can anyone weigh in on the sonic improvements they experienced when comparing the old vs the new model.
Thank you
Man you ARC guys are loyal! If I was gonna spend that much dough on a pre, I'd also look at the Atma-Sphere MP-1, EAR-Yoshino 912, etc. Why limit yourself to ARC?
Yeah, same reason some people are loyal to Mercedes. I did not ask what's the best car ever, just describe the improvements from a 2009 Mercedes E class to a 2019 Mercedes E class.  Not asking the question is a 1979 Ferrari better ...
Point well taken, and analogy to Mercedes apt.
I've owned the LS26, LS27 and LS28 (and LS2B, LS15, LS25 and so on). The difference between the LS26 and LS27 was noticeable, but the difference between the LS27 and LS28 was dramatic. As a traditionalist and a fan of Audio Research since 1992, I really hate the looks of the new stuff, but the sonics are better across the board. Improved dynamics, detail, bottom end extension, decay, realism, etc. I hope that helps.
Yes, that does help answer the question 
thank you