Audio Research LS-25 MK1 Owners

I've just switched from an LS-3 to the LS-25 mk1. I enjoy the increased detail, transparency, etc., however the bass seems so weak by comparison. Interestingly, the bass is more detailed (delineated?) but just seems thin on some of my favorite recordings. I've switched to an aftermarket power cord with some improvement. Is this endemic to tubes vs. solid state or are there things that I could be doing that I've missed? Cryoed tubes perhaps? PS Audio P300 conditioner? Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
Mine feeds into Bryston 7B STs and there is no lack of bass. I have Amperex Bugle Boys in the line stage, but don't believe they have any effect on the bass, at least to my ear. Wait until your ears "break-in" with the combo you have. In a week or two it will sound like other pres simply have too much bass. Who is it who said that humans are animals that can adapt to anything?
Are you using a sub? Are you using the balanced outs?
I had a LS-25 MK.I and found the bass response to be exceptional. Is it a new unit? Have the tubes settled in as of yet? Might get a bit fuller response after a couple of hundred hours on the tubes? Also you might try the Sovtek NOS 6H23 as a tube substitute, as I found that they improved performance of the pre-amp in all areas and are not too expensive.

Also a fuller/rounder (Shunyata?) A/C cord might improve things as well. Good Luck.
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The most overlooked reason has to do with the fact that you set up the speakers for the bass balance of the other pre amp. Did you adjust the placement of your speakers after instaling the new one? Every time you change something in the system that effects the tonal balance it's time to adjust the position of the speakers. It may only take a 1/2" adjustment. It's free. It's the single biggest reason most of these guys never get anywhere with their systems. They plop in some new thing. "Oh gee", "it's this", or "it's that", up for sale it goes. Did they ever move the speakers? I doubt it.

Save the great tweaks for after you get the basics right. Then those things will just put a smile on your face. You may need to move them again after the new tubes or the new power cord. Give it a try,very small adjustments can make a huge difference.