Audio Research LS-22 or LS-16 Which is Best

I am wondering if anyone could compare the LS-22 to the LS-16 ???? Which is best ???? Thanks
Hi Autospec-

I thought you already were using the LS25 pre amp?...Anyway, these 2 line stages are fair at best compared to the better sounding and competively priced LS 5 pre amp. That would be the best choice over these 2 for sure.

Your 25 bests them as well..but not the 5. Neither of these pre amps 22 or 16 Mk1 or Mk2 iterations have the richness, bloom, or authoritative bass that you have in the 25 or 5 pre amps.--Ken

PS...what speakers did you happen to end up buying?
I still have the LS-25 in a different system. But the LS-16 doesn't have as much gain and I'm trying to decide if I should go for a SP type pre-amp with some gain or may-be the LS-22 has a little more "poop"....I have the Pro-ac speakers and a pair of Aerial 10-t's now which I like quite well...I also have a pair of Soliloquy's and the Velodyne sub-woofers.....Will
Will- What amp will you be using in this other system? Im not sure the 22 has more gain than the 16. 6-12 db may be the max..where as your 25 allows for 18db as you know. Im sure you want to keep cost down..hence the lesser pre amp. You may be better off looking at something other than ARC in that case.
I have a very nice Audio Research SP3-A-1 ....I should use it , but it is not remote ( shows where I'm going ) Anyway, I'm using some of the amps I build , Dyna MK III and Dyna 70's...
The LS-22 was one of the worst ARC designed preamps, it was not musical sounding at all. Ask a few ARC dealers adn they will tell you the same.

Happy Listening. have the makings of a nice vintage system! OR... What about trying a Cary SLP 50 or an AES DH pre amp with remote options. I think there is one for sale now. This would be a nice pre amp for use with your Dyna's.

I definately agree with Bigkidz...steer clear of the 22!!
Well done Ken!
I kind of wondered why they only made the LS-22 one year....And never made a MK II
I A/B'd my ARC LS 2B Mk II against the LS 16 and the LS 2 smoked it, especially when you consider the price. The 16 sounded dead, gain was real bad. If you notice there are alot of used 16's out there. I listened to the "22' a couple of times and still am amazed with the LS 2B. More money and newer doesnt mean better!
Good Luck!
My experience with the LS 16 is very good, that is after I replaced the tubes........ Kinda wish I never got rid of it.... Never heard the 22, so can't comment on it.
Rsa: The LS2, LS15, LS16 and LS22 all pretty much equally destroy the 3-dimensionality and portrayal of space in the music. Try the LS5 (in any version) compared to your LS2. This experience would easily redefine "smoked it".
I have to agree about the LS-2b, I had one some years ago and it was a great Linestage.......
Does any know witch one of these pre-amps would go best with a c.j. ev 2000. I would appreciate the help. Thanks