Audio Research LS-22 compared to other AR preamps?

Hello all,

I'm planning to get a used Audio Research preamp. Balanced inputs/outputs and remote is a must.
Have previously tried a LS-25 MkI in my system, sounded absolutely terrific.
I see the LS-22 can be had for relatively little money. How does it compare to the LS-25 and other AR preamps..?

The LS5mkII is the best sounding line-stage ARC has ever made.
Period. Sorry Ref and LS25 owners. Huge ARC fan and they've
all passed through the system and none could touch the LS5.
Don't think I'll ever get rid of my LS5mkII. The LS25 is a
significant improvement over the LS22. I drive two ARC
D400mkII amps with my LS5mkII. The LS5 comes in remote and
non-remote versions. Minimal remote: volume and muting. Input
switching must be done at the unit. It's a fully balanced
design with only XLR I/O.
As an addendum to the above: I don't do vinyl so I've never
had one of the ARC SP series preamps in the system. Others
must comment regarding the ARC SP preamps.
Thanks for your response.

I've also heard that the LS-5 is one of their best, but its almost impossible to get in this part of the world.
I bought an LS-22, hopefully it will do the job ok. If not, I'll ship it to Great Nortern Sound for an up-grade.