Audio Research LS 17 SE Power Cord

I'm looking for power cord recommendation's for an Audio Research LS 17 SE.  I was looking at something in the $500-$700 range.  Two cords I was thinking about are the Shunyata Zitron Viper and the new JPS Pac Black.  I currently have Acoustic Zen interconnects and speaker cables, so their power cords could be an options as well. 

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.   

Thank you.     
I'd start with the Acoustic Zen first. If you like their house sound I'd bet their PC has a similar flavor. I wasn't so strong on staying with the same cable manufacture throughout but after buying my first WyWires PC I've been changing out my entire system to their cables. Once you find a cable you like, it might be smart to stick with them and move up their line when the bug bites. Good luck
Consider something from Transparent.
Purist used wonderful cord.
Triode Wire Labs are worth a look.
Don't go any smaller than 10 gauge.
I have six (6) PS Audio Perfect Wave AC12's listed on US Audiomart for $350 each. 
Thank you for all that replied.  I will check these out.  I have heard very goods about the JPS Pac Black as well.  The gauge is a bigger than 8 so that's good.   
As a point of information, the power consumption of the LS17SE is specified as 130 watts, which in the USA and other 120 volt countries corresponds to about 1.1 amperes.  8 or 10 or even 12 gauge is certainly overkill for that amount of current, for any reasonable cord length.

Good luck.  Regards,
-- Al
I use a synergistic black UEF cord. It's a 400 dollar cable with fantastic performance on my LS 17, non SE.