Audio Research LS-16 vs. BAT VK-30

Both these preamps are well respected. Has anyone been able to compare these two units?

One thing that bothers me about Audio Research preamps is that you get a 12 lb. unit with a single transformer, whereas with BAT and others, you get a much more substantial and expensively built piece. With my SFL-2, I have been spoiled.....two chassis weighing 70 pds. Certainly Sonic Frontiers went further than anyone in giving expensive, elaborate design and execution.
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I´m also on the lookout for a new preamp and both the LS16 and the VK30 are on my shortlist, I´m also interested in the VTL 5.5. I´ve auditioned the LS16 in my system (McCormack DNA-1 dlx/Magnepan 3.6/R) and I´m hoping to hear the 5.5, the BAT seems to be more difficult to try since there´s no dealer in my area. If you ever get a chance to do a comparison between the Vk30 and the LS16, please let me know how they stack up.
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I compared the BAT VK-30SE to the ARC LS-25 MKII in a system that consisted of the ARC CD-3, Plinius 102 (newest version) and B&W 802N speakers with Kimber Cable and the ARC outperfromed my BAT in sound stage, bass definition and more dynamic. Of course thsi was at a dealer who carefully matched the system for what that is worth. I am not a fan of ARC equipment and would not have thought this would be the out come but the BAT's dynamics seemed limited and compressed compared to the ARC.

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