Audio Research LS 16 opinions.

Anyone heard the new Audio Research LS 16 preamp? I am running NHT 2.9's with a Classe CA200 through a Classe SSP-25 pre-pro. Since the LS 16 has a processor by-pass feature, I am thinking it would be a good way to improve my two channel sound, get some tubes in my system, and still use my main amp and speakers for HT. Are there any other tube line stage preamps with processor by-pass?
vtl tl-5.5 has this feature, but it's only their most recent production models - if yer buying used, check the serial # w/vtl - they can mod older units if ya send it to them... doug
I have an Audio Research LS 16 into a Plinius SA100 MK III amp running NHT 2.5i speakers. I don't have a lot of experience with other tube preamps, but I'm quite satisfied with the quality of sound it produces. I mainly use it with a Meridian 508.24 cd player, however I also have my satellite dish receiver, DVD and VCR hooked up to the LS 16. And, I have absolutely no complaints.
I have an LS-16 front-ended by a GenVa, and front-ending an Aragon 8008BB and Dynaudio Contour 3.0's. The preamp is very transparent and very neutral -- you won't get a "tubey," glowing coloration from this preamp, even though it uses four 6922's -- but you also won't get any added solid-state hash, grain, or grit.
The CJ 16LS actually uses six 6922's. Thanks. Edwardb
I recently sent my ARC LS9 to the dealer to fix a broken solder, and he gave me a LS16 as a loaner. The LS16 never went back! It's mated with a ARC D130 into Magnepan MG 10's. A great combination. Extremely transparant. You can't go wrong with the LS16.
According to ARC the LS16 will eventually be updated to MKII status (perhaps before the summer) so maybe you should
wait and see what happens. Good Luck!