Audio Research Litzlink cables

I have an all Audio Research system with LP12 and Maggie 1.6's. I am thinking about switching al the interconnects to Audio Research Litlink's. Does anyone have any experience with the Audio Research interconnects. Intuitively, I can see where there could be a special synergistic match with Audio Research components. Is there?
Yes, absolutely. Not as ultimately transparent as some, but very very smooth and nice to listen to with great harmonics. You really do have to jump to an ultra-expensive i/c such as quattro-fil to better it.

I do note that maggies sound really good with silver cables and tube equipment. Seems that the silver harshness does not really come out with that combination.

I used some cheap kimbers (thick brown and black weave cable - don't even know what they are) with mine and had great results.
I own litzlink and thought the Cardas Golden Cross bettered it for resolving power and yet still retaining the warmth factor. I have an AR LS2 MK II and D200 power amp.