Audio Research is launching new products, "The Foundation Series"

I went to my local dealer today and found out that Audio Research will be launching new products, the LS28 preamp, the DAC 9, and the PH9. My dealer stated he believes the prices will be $7,500 a piece, but he stated don’t quote him on that. This stuff will be the replacement for my stuff, which is the Dac 8, and PH8. If this is so I will be getting the LS27 for as cheap as I can, I have the LS17se. I did some research on the internet and found the following :

Maybe they aren’t leaving us high and dry as I first thought and was led to believe, but if $7,500 will be the price it will still price some out, but it won’t be horrible as I was first led to believe, stay tuned on this one. This stuff looks like the Ref 6 stuff, but isn’t and I was told Audio Research is looking to do everything in this new look to stay uniform. The dealer stated he couldn’t tell me if and when the LS27 would be discontinued, but my guess and it’s only my guess is it probably will be.
I have owned ARC products from the SP5-SP7, to the current Ref 5SE preamplifier. The older products sound really great and offer a great value when found used. As far as rolling tubes with the older products it gives you what you want sonically. However they do not sound better than the newer production units. If that were true they wouldn't keep releasing new product. This is actually about being able to afford the newer gear.
I've said this before. I find the modern ARC quite different sounding, and for me in a good way. The sterility of before is gone and they sound warm but not yet euphonic, while keeping the sound stage and openness.

Regardless of their ownership, I would use that as my guide. If you really loved the ARC of the 1980's - 2000 then I don't think you'll be a fan of the current line, and vice versa.

I've not done an exhaustive listening, so I could certainly be wrong, or oversimplifying, however if I were go look for tube gear this is how I would organize my search more or less.


To Jtsnead, I didn't buy the LS-27, but I do have the LS-17se, which I'm enjoying until, I eventually move to a Ref 5se.