Audio Research in Receivership.

Papers were filed on Friday. Some say AR’s doors are closed for business. 


I am sure that Mr. Suggs had sophisticated financial analysis prepared by specialist to determine the advisability of purchasing ARC.  For those of you not familiar with the business world this is a mandatory and usual step for ANYONE purchasing a business, from the purchase of a major business to a coffee shop.  And probably the bank would have examined this analysis as well as the company assets securing the loan.

Then on a monthly or at least quarterly basis there would be analysis prepared that compares what budgeted income and expenses were, by major income and expense classes, to determine what is working well and what is not.

Quite frankly, I find it hard to see any light at the end of this tunnel.  

Cables are discounted now since China makes counterfeits of most all cables the used market is dead since most think cables are counterfeits. Ive tried to sell used costly cables all you get is accusations that they are fakes. And the audio market is cyclic we had massive demand and sales during COVID it makes sense after all that buying things would greatly slow down. And AR has been making junk of late why they are dying.

@jetter.  While it is expected that ‘sophisticated’ financial analysis was done before purchasing ARC, I very seriously doubt that this did much if anything to the continuation of a successful business. How many times have we seen folk pay multi millions for businesses that fundamentally were worth ‘peanuts’, and had extensive and sophisticated’ financial analysis done prior to acquisition? Makes me laugh…

This is a receivership, not bankruptcy.   And what it really means in a nutshell is that the creditors with secured loans are not very happy (most likely delinquent payments) and the actual management of ARC will now be taken over by the Receiver.   It would make no sense for the receiver to liquidate ARC's critical infrastructure unless things are totally desperate.  Remember, receivership is an action taken by the creditors, not ARC.  If ARC needs to protect themselves from the creditors, then they would be filing Chapter 11.  Which is really a whole different (although often interrelated) thing.....