audio research high gain mod in ss pre-amp

when i listen to my ls-12, my volume is @ 1 to 2 o'clock.

in speaking with audio research, they have a 6 db hgh gain mod for the unit.

has anyone had audio research add high gain resistors on their solid state pre-amp ?

was it too much gain or alter the sound too much ?

thanks !!


I just added the two resistors for the 6db extra gain to my ARC LS15 (tube pre). It's probably the same mod with the same results. Sound quality is unchanged - no sonic difference that I could detect. The extra gain in real terms is marginal, based on the volume pot settings it doesn't seem to provide much more than 15-20% increased output. It still isn't enough for my application.

Have a LS2 and have the opposite problem, too much gain. I never pass the 9 o'clock position. Is there a mod for this too w/o degrading sound?
thanks for the comeback.

i dont know of mods to decrease the volume, have you contacted audio research ? they are pretty informative on what whats and what doesnt.

thanks !!