Audio Research HD 220

Hello to all. My name is Flavio. I live in Italy and are passionate about High Fidelity.
Excuse me if I do not speak English well.
I love your Forum.
I have a pair of Thiel 1.6 and a preamp Audio Research SP 17.
Should I buy a power amp and I'd like an Audio Research HD 220.
Some of you know him? How does it sound with Thiel?
Flavio...I have the Thiel 2.4s and I use the Audio Research Ref 110 power amp, which is lower power than the HD220 and I have no problems driving the 2.4s, which are harder to drive than the 1.6s. I have not heard the HD220 but if the sound is anything like my Ref 110s, I think the combination will be very nice: very natural timbres, neutral tonal balance, three dimensional soundstage and great imaging in space. Overall, very natural and smooth presentation. Some people would like more meat on the bones with both Thiel speakers and Audio Research electronics, but I think there is more than enough. Good luck. Hopefully someone who has heard the HD220 and Thiel speakers can chime in.
Today I listened to the ARC HD220 and I liked very much. Dynamic sound, powerful, warm, with controlled bass. I also listened to a Plinius SB 302 and a Gamut D200i, but I was not convinced.
Woolmer: If you check my numerous posts, you will see I am a big ARC fan. Even owned the SP-17 a while back. It's a nice pre.

Having said that, I recommend searching the Forum for posts about the HD 220. I seem to remember some mixed comments.

As for me, I'm a tube head. I think the HD 220 is a Class D SS amp. Don't know about the synergy between ARC tube gear and Thiel, but a good match for the SP-17 would be a pre-owned ARC VS-110, or even better, the VS-115. I own the VS-115 (w/ KT-120 tubes) and it's a sweet amp.

Good luck and let us know how you make out.