Audio Research has the Best Customer Service

Not only does their stuff sound awesome! Smooth / Musical. They have the best customer service too! I picked up a CD-2 here on Audiogon (One of the nicest sounding players around). I called up ARC and asked if they had any left over Brochures on this model, I told her I picked up a second hand CD-2. The friendly Lady on the phone said I will have a look. This morning I got a brochure and a review in the mail. In the Past they also walked me threw biasing my amp for twenty minutes. This is a Brand to be proud of, I reccomend ARC highly to all!
I used ARC tube amps for nearly 20 years and found ARC to give great service. However, I have gotten comparable or better service from several others, notably Stanalog Imports (van den Hul cartridge & phono equiptment importer), Pass Labs, McIntosh Labs, Classe, May Audio (van den Hul wire importer), and QS&D (Quad & Spendor speaker service).
Thank you for sharing your experience with manufacturers and their customer service, you help us all. Bravo to these firms for truly being "high end".
Conrad Johnson also provides outstanding customer service and their products are exemplary.
I'm always glad with VTL product and its remarkable and helpful service. I also enjoyed the service of May Audio that wired me all up with VanDenHul.
I shutter to think how low your expectations are if you consider the service from ARC to be good.

They are horrible.
ARC....the absolute best in the business...class act. My experience w/ the folks at the factory has always been excellent. Have been a loyal customer for almost 4 years. One of the great hi-end companies.
I don't have any experience with ARC, but have owned complete McIntosh systems since 1984. Their service has always been impecable. Keep in mind that I've only had to use their service department a handful of times,and attribute this to the awesome quality of their components.I currently have a full Mac system which costs me upward of $4o,ooo.I'm well aware of other companies whose products are also extremely well made and produce exceptenal sound, but I am a Mac junkie and absolutely love their products, as well as the company itself, whose labs in Bingimton, NY I have visited.