Audio Research GSI75

I have been thinking about upgrading my second system. My main system is in the basement. My wife has no problem with me doing what ever I want down there. My second system (which is in a very small room, but on the main level of our home) started out as a vintage system, Pioneer SX-1280 (complete re-cap), B&W 805D, Cambridge 851n streamer, Yamaha YP-D71 turntable -w- audio-technical AT150MLX (complete re-cap), Pioneer RT-707 RTR. Nice mid-fi system.

Turns out I spend way more time upstairs where the family is than I spend in the basement. 

This space is very small (11' x 9'). But just the right size for two chairs and the stereo. So I been thinking about upgrading this second system.  

I stop at a stereo store almost once a month here in Michigan and have become a real fan of the tube sound.  In particular, Audio Research. I need a one box solution (because of space and the WAF).  The perfect choice seems to be the Audio Research GSi75.  

The question that I have are:

 - Is the space to small to really enjoy this investment ?
 - Would the GSi75 match well with the B&W 805D ? (although I could change the speakers later in the game) 

I would appreciate any feedback.


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Was only able to hear the Audio Research VSi75.  But loved it.  I talked to some one at Audio research today who told me if I liked the VSi75, I would love the GSi75.

I pick it up tomorrow :)
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I will never understand the WAF arguments. 
Let me help you, the WAF argument is deceptively simple, "you either enjoy the stereo that I approve, or you can listen to the boom box you can afford after I clean you out in the divorce."
picked up the GSi75 yesterday from a dealer in Ann Arbor Michigan. Wow...
truly wonderful experience.  I have Macintosh mc352’s in the basement. And did not expect such clarity difference between the two systems. The phono section is better than anything I have heard in my home. Separation is fantastic. And very open. 

I am am having a problem with getting the DAC going. Using a Cambridge Audio 851n streamer. Used a optical toslink cable. But the unit is not reading a signal. Right now I’m using the DACs in the Cambridge and going into the arc intergraded with rca’s. Going to try another unit later today.

btw.... my bride is not happy with the looks of the unit :)
but for the first time she can hear that his is more detailed and just better.

I should add that its not all gloom and doom, my boom box has a sweet subwoofer built into it.