AUdio research ... good price?

I'm in the market for a new AR preamp. Would like to know if some of you knows a dealer who can offer good prices on courent models
thanks in advance
The one who invests his time demoing them for you. Cheers,
Dont need a demo, just buy it, thanks
Audio Research doesn't like their dealers selling out of territory, so you will have to go to individual dealers, explain why you want, and see what they say.  When looking for a discount it always helps to have a relationship with a dealer.  First timers usually don't get a "best price".  If you want Audio Research at a discount look for used here.

HI,Check for yourself nobody will tell you on an Audiogon thread.
Check local estates sales. Make sure to come first and keep lookin' and lookin' and lookin' till you find one for GOOD PRICE.

Thanks to all for the input. Happy weekend
The best time to buy ARC is right when a "new/improved" model is replacing the now hardly-worth-listening-to obsolete model, which is every other year or so. Right now you should be able to pick up an LS17 or 27 or whatever (I’ve lost track) for a couple thousand off list. Check the outside of the sealed carton for the stamp "Factory Reconditioned", a method ARC has used to get rid of pieces returned for repair but never paid for.
I've owned a lot of ARC gear through the years and all of it sounded really good. The only fault I could find was in demoing the next generation and making the comparison. I enjoyed my first ARC system as much as any of the later versions which cost much more. I think it's always a good idea to step back and try to gain some perspective on this 'rather addictive' hobby.
Thanks, I think will do that: wait until new model arrives but because Im interested in the SP-20 , I think I will have to wait a couple of years more ...
is addictive indeed ,,,,