Audio Research glare

I have ARC tube amps which have an upper midrange/lower treble glare I cannot seem to correct with ancillary equipment. Anyone else have this impression of ARC? Any recc. for tube amps with a smoother, richer character?
Hi [email protected] I had a similar problem with the VT60Se. Don't know whether new tubes will make any difference, didn't stick with it long enough to collect a drawer full of them tubes! Go audition some very fine SS class A (op. mode) amps available either new or resale, i'm sure you will find one which will work well with the rest of your system. The good aspects of class A type SS amps are worth to seriously consider. Of course there are also esoteric class A tube amps which are in a different league(price) altogether. Nice hunt, Phil.
Yes, my Classic-60 was hard on the ears. My VT-100 doesn't share this problem, however. Make sure to use the finest EVERYTHING with this breed. Also, try to avoid ARC preamps (unless gain trim provided) as these suckers really pump out even at low (9-10 o'clock) settings. This won't be a problem if you have a HUGE room. Happy listening...
You probably have a hybrid ARC. There is none of the glare you are referring to in the all tube designs prior to the D125 Classic series hybrid.
try giving the amp its own outlet also try ac filtration I use a tara labs power screen about $375 new JK